At its core, networking is people recruiting people via personal connection rather than mass marketing of a product or service.

Leverage is key to a successful network business. Leverage in time and in duplication, leading ultimately to long-term residual income based on initial investment.

As legendary American business tycoon J. Paul Getty said: “I’d rather earn 1% of 100 people, than 100% of my own personal effort.”

This is the crux of SuperOne’s strategy: we would rather raise our capital with the support of 100,000 eager potential players than of one monotonous investor.

A huge network momentum is best for launch success and so we’re building a massive stakeholder family ahead of this journey. The crypto domain is still in its infancy and, by utilising a transformative networking model, we ensure the personal guidance to overcome conceptual hurdles.

Networking is a powerful sensation. We have seen networks reach hundreds of thousands of participants, and far more, in short timeframes. We expect nothing less.

Welcome to the family.


There is a stigma surrounding networking models due to historic exploited systems. With SuperOne, we provide an exhilarating, profitable experience and quell old qualms about networking with our modern, transparent blockchain-based network.

With its novel token sale, SuperOne is establishing an irrefutably sustainable business model, incredibly sized network, and enforced damage limiting levels for proper issue anticipation and prevention.

SuperOne is the ender to networking scams, eliminating all possibility of corruption with its fully decentralised business model and smart contract layup.

These are the elements that tarnished networking approaches of old. SuperOne is proud to present the transparent future benchwork in conceptual networking.

The result is an organic growth model strengthened by those who enjoy it most. The more you put in, the more you get out. Take up your role in SuperOne’s rise to industry-leading status.

Welcome to the new benchmark.


We’ve created a completely new, innovative way of distributing rewards that’s fair, instant and performance-based.

There are two types of rewards: network and personal rewards.

Game rewards will be made to token holders and could be regarded as a passive investment return.

The network rewards structure is designed to favour activity and performance, resulting in extreme profits for the real “movers and shakers” and less profitable returns for those “sleepy players.”

Conventional token sales often set aside upward of 35% in sales costs while creating a pool of short-term “scalpers”.

We have strategically designed a different, more sustainable model, a network distribution model creating a powerful network of stakeholders with a continually aligned interest.

The formation of a strong network offers huge intrinsic value – hence, we greatly reward those playing an active role, expecting to return upwards of 50% of the token sale in rewards.

Welcome to a rewarding future.


SuperOne’s network rewards provide stakeholders with platform performance rewards.

When you buy a token spot, it’s automatically placed into a 10 level robot binary structure. Each regular spot can earn 2% of all your network transactions. Spots in the premium SuperBlocks can receive up to 12% on the last level of all your network transactions.

Network rewards apply to all transactions across every token spot’s complete individual 10 level downline. The system automatically fills your available spots from left to the right. And all your referrals’ spots are automatically forced to fill below your spots.

All token normal spots cost USD 25 and can potentially earn USD 1,000 in network rewards. Spots in the premium SuperBlocks can earn upwards of USD 3,500 in network rewards.

As you’ve already guessed, buying multiple spots is smart. Filling every spot is even smarter as this maximizes your rewards from the entire downline.

Welcome to earning network rewards.


People and their connections power networking.

When you refer people to join SuperOne, you ignite your viral network. From a unilevel network structure, you are served rewards down to the 10th level.

There are particular Personal Volume (PV) requirements to reach various levels. The PV requirements are available in our presentation materials.

The requirements are possible achievement s meaning you’re able to personally grow a massive network that will push huge rewards directly to your wallet.

Welcome to earning personal rewards.


After all these great network rewards from the token sale, you’re probably wondering about the game rewards.

It’s always a challenge to predict a concept’s success and future revenues due to the many factors involved.

With successful free-to-play games reaping up to hundreds of millions of players, it’s prudent to guesstimate a successful SuperOne reaching at least 1 million paying players.

An average monthly revenue of $25 per player would result in an annual revenue up to $300 million. With a profit margin of up to 35%, annual profit could reach $100 million.

At this level, tokens will bring home payouts of $0.05 each. Valuations will skyrocket and reach towards $0.50 per token.

You understand these are only guesstimates, but yet you get the point, SuperOne is rigged to become a major cash machine.

Welcome to earning endless game rewards.


With the introduction of a truly transformative networking platform, SuperOne is geared for future expansion into additional businesses.

Key strategic elements will be digital blockchain-based services adoptable to our direct revenue sharing model. There will also be a rewarding range of white label options appearing along the road.

SuperOne’s current network structure is technically limited to 20 million token spots, in adherence to commercial and legal aspects.

Further expansion will therefore take place via connected, trusted structures with a prominent, utterly beneficial first refusal for existing stakeholders. We firmly believe in putting the user experience first. Commerce will simply follow.

The future of blockchain may not be known but the promise of its prospects certainly is. We will continuously strive to be at the forefront as we protect and develop our stakeholders’ interests.

Welcome to the beginning of the future’s chapters.


SuperOne’s uniquely rewarding platform transforms and secures the most important networking element: payments.

Our instant network rewards direct to your wallet are unprecedented in this industry. We also offer amazing direct, matrix and pool rewards that set us apart.

Despite the platform’s great rewarding features, we need clever and committed stakeholders. Networking is all about leveraging other people, both in terms of time and connections.

By recruiting and guiding other people, you efficiently create a passionate workforce who will use their time and own connections to expand your network and reward potential.

Therefore, the key element of success is recruiting those willing and able to grow their network. It’s called duplication, the single most important factor in exponential growth and revenue.

Welcome to building your universe.